Friday, 30 September 2011

Poll Results

So reviewing the previous poll it seems that 50% of voters think it should be open to all (with a proportion of those suggesting approval by members at AGM).

So Craft Beer UK will be open to all, with the provisio that at a future AGM membership may be subject to review.

If any brewers wish to join Craft Beer UK it is currently free. We will include your brewery on the map and link from our links page. More will follow as we decide the best way forward!

Thank you everyone who voted.


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  2. 31 voted, with only 19% voting for "probationary membership open to all with an AGM vote".

    None of the options had a 50% vote, and none are compatible with the claims in the post above.

  3. 29% open to all
    19% open to all with AGM review
    13% open to all who declare as craft

    Thats 61% that want it open to all in some form and hence the provisio for future AGM.

    The post should perhaps have said "over 50%".

  4. "Open to all up to a certain size" isn't "open to all".

    "Open to all who declare as craft" isn't "open to all".

    "Open to all with AGM review" isn't "open to all"

    "Some restrictions" is automatically not "no restrictions". "Open to all with restriction X" is automatically incompatible with "Open to all with restriction Y".

    How do you know that the people voting "open to all" would be happy with AGM reviews or declaration as craft, or vice versa? The numbers cannot credibly be lumped together.

  5. plus I didn't mention the size one as that's slightly different, a brewery doesn't have any control over how big it gets, its decided by the market. Whereas its easy to state they make craft beer. Even "open to all" with no specific review for all could have members expelled if a motion was passed at AGM. That's why they have been classed together.

    Otherwise Open to all (no restrictions) is the majority vote (not majority of voters, just most votes); so that's the method to be used.