This page will be updated as more questions are raised. If you have a question then please email it to craftbeerunitedkingdom@gmail.com or post as a comment and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Q. Who are you?
A. Currently just one person with an idea. I'm a member of CAMRA, CAMRGB and Beoir and not affiliated to any brewery, pub, bar, shop or other commercial venture.

Q. Why the anonymity?
A. Its easy enough to find out who I am if you really think it necessary. The point is if this new organisation is to be successful it needs to be free of all association with particular groups or businesses or it will just be dismissed by opposing groups. It's supposed to be inclusive. Anyone could have set it up, but no-one bothered; so I have.  

Q. How do we know you arent INBEV/Brewdog/Pseudo health-lobby looking to split up beer campaigning organisations?
A. If you don't want to believe we aren't then there's nothing we can say that would convince you otherwise.

Q.Won't the creation of a new organisation lead to divisiveness in the beer community and lead to members withdrawing from other organisations?
A. This is not the intention. The aim of this organisation is clear and that is to support good beer regardless of method of dispense. There is still room for other organisations to exist and we intend to work with all interested parties to improve the reputation of and promote UK beer both within and without the UK. There is no room for infighting when beer is already being attacked by Government and neo-prohibitionists alike.

Q. Define "good" beer.
A. There is no objective definition for good beer, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Having rigid rules means that future beers could be overlooked which would harm innovation and progression. Instead a system of peer review will be established to determine whether beer is of sufficient quality to allow the brewer/seller membership.
Q. Won't supporting keg beer lead to the loss of other more traditional methods of dispense?
A. This will not be the case. Some beers work better when cask conditioned, others when served through a font. It is up to the individual brewers to determine the best way for their beer to be served.

Q. Why don't you have a proper website?
A. Being an organisation in its inception we have neither the funds or the time to produce a full website. This will come as we collect membership dues in the future. If anyone is able to provide assistance in this area it would be greatly appreciated.

Q. How is CBUK pronounced?
A. Either as individual letters "see bee you kay" or "see-buck"

Q. Who Designed your logo?
A. An anonymous well-wisher using the same colourscheme of the original (admittedly far shoddier) logo. 

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