For a while now the term "craft beer" has been used in the UK to refer to artisanal brewers who focus on quality over quantity and brew good beer. In America craft beer is defined by volumes, though here in the UK even our biggest brewers produce less than some American craft brewers. A rethink is therefore required. One of the many accusations levelled at the term craft is that it has no real definition. Instead it is a term meaning "beers I like". This subjective element means that certain groups do not give credence to the term. We need therefore to show that it is a relevant term in the modern UK beer scene.

This organisation aims to provide a focal point for craft beer brewers, craft beer sellers and interested individuals. It will keep track of venues throughout the country that produce and sell craft beer and keep a calendar of upcoming craft beer events with an eye to running a craft beer festival somewhere within the UK in the future.

If you are interested in joining please follow this blog and if there is sufficient interest then a membership system can be introduced and full website produced.

Happy Drinking!