Wednesday, 5 October 2011

CBUK Objectives

Okay, now the initial method for membership has been decided upon we need to work out what direction to go in. Below are some possible suggestions, but feel free to add your own. You can select multiple options. If you're opposed to any of these objectives then please also let us know in the comments field. Thanks!

What should the campaign focus(es) be?
Promoting breweries ignored by CAMRA
Supporting pubs wishing to diversify beer range
Campaigning for quality keg beer
Promoting UK craft beer outside the UK
Running beer tasting events
Other (please comment below) free polls 

Friday, 30 September 2011

Poll Results

So reviewing the previous poll it seems that 50% of voters think it should be open to all (with a proportion of those suggesting approval by members at AGM).

So Craft Beer UK will be open to all, with the provisio that at a future AGM membership may be subject to review.

If any brewers wish to join Craft Beer UK it is currently free. We will include your brewery on the map and link from our links page. More will follow as we decide the best way forward!

Thank you everyone who voted.